January, 2012
To Move or Not to Move Would you move for a job? Many of us have. I've done it...six times in 12 years to be exact! Yep, I was quite a "nomad" in my earlier TV years... spending an average of two years at each place. Thankfully those days are over for me. I've been in LA for almost eight years and this is where I plan to stay. Apparently, a lot of folks feel the way I do. According to a new report by the outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas... fewer people are willing to uproot their lives for a job. The report says...
January, 2010
New Year, New Opportunities! For most of us... 2009 has been a year of layoffs, cutbacks and just plain survival. Hopes of that promotion or raise were put on the back burner or dashed all together. Now, it's time to put 2009 and all of it's career frustrations to rest. After all, 2010 isn't just a new year... it's a new DECADE! That means it's time to dust off those old career aspirations and maybe even create some bold new ones. How will you live out the next decade? Only you get to decide. I say goodbye 2009 and hello 2010! It's time to make those career resolutions only this time we're sticking to 'em!
June, 2009
RECESSION HAS A DRAMATIC IMPACT ON GEN Y’S CAREER ASPIRATIONS AND BEHAVIOR IN THE WORKPLACE The 2009 Y Work Report® Shows The Generation Feels The Effects Of The Economic Downturn In 2009, roughly 1.6 million college degrees will be awarded and those recent graduates will find themselves fighting for jobs in a highly competitive work environment. In these economic times, it is crucial for employers to understand Generation Y (ages 31 and younger) and the best way to recruit, manage, and retain these new employees.
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