April, 2009
Chicks Who Dig the Big Gig

Whether you're just starting out, working your way up the ladder or even starting your own business... CareerChick is for you! Whatever you desire... this site will offer you tips and tricks for achieving your goals and ultimately living the life you desire.
With the current state of the economy, it's no wonder people are panicked! If you're feeling a little "career challenged" trust me... CareerChick can relate!
As I write this blog... I am on the verge of a career cutback myself. In fact, I've been through three layoffs (through no fault of my own) in the past ten years so I know what it's like! I've been there! We can help you get tough in a tough job market and show you what not to do when looking for work in today's economy.
Always remember... Career Chicks are bold, they're dedicated and they're gutsy... they can accomplish anything through hard-work and most importantly by keeping the faith.
Do you have what it takes to be a CareerChick?