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Stephanie Stanton
I'm Stephanie Stanton, a TV News Host/Anchor/Reporter and a "CareerChick" who has worked, struggled, climbed, and driven myself crazy at times trying to navigate my career in broadcasting. While, I feel I've achieved a measure of success as a Network News Correspondent... it certainly hasn't been easy! I've been through layoffs three times... but I've also been given some "lucky" breaks. Now, I hope to share what I've learned with aspiring Career Chicks around the globe!

Careerchick.com is a space for young women to be encouraged, educated an inspired to pursue their passions and reach their career goals. It is a place to connect and share ideas and information about all aspects of work life. It's also a place to network and achieve personal and professional balance.

CareerChick is published in Los Angeles.

CareerChick was founded in 2000 after a short stint as Host of Career TV.

As a young woman in the working world, I encountered many frustrations and challenges. Often times, young women are not taken seriously and it can affect our self-esteem and our ability to move ahead. After more than a decade in the TV business, I learned this the hard way. Good self-esteem is the key to our success at work and life in general. Career Chick aims to encourage young women to pursue their dreams by realizing that success starts from within!